LionStar Generators are MOBILE  solar power solutions for the residential and business market. An ideal power supply solution for weather related power outages, great for camping, vending, or boating.

Affordable Alternative Energy Supply LionStar Generators have the capacity to save you money by drastically reducing your monthly payments to the utility company.

Endless Energy Supply LionStar Generators can be powered by the sun, via a solar panel or by plugging into the wall outlet in your residence or business.

Lion Star Generators  give you a reliable,

uninterruptible  energy source.

3 watt-hours


This is the total amount of energy stored by an alkaline AA battery. This is to put batteries into perspective. If you could power your clock radio with a AA battery, it wouldn't even last an hour. Follow the chart below and calculate the energy needed to power your life using the calculator in the footer.Find the LionStar Portable Solar Powered Generator that is best for you.

0.5 - 45 watts


45 watts  Laptop computer

45 watts  HD cable box (varies by model)

40 watts  17" LCD monitor

30 watts  PS2

24 watts  42" ceiling fan (low speed)

18 watts Nintendo Wii (source)

18 watts  CFL light bulb (60-watt equivalent)

5  Night light

4 watts  Clock radio

1-20 watts  Desktop Computer & Monitor

(in sleep mode)

0.5  LED night light

400 -1100 watts


1100 watts  Waterbed heater

900 watts  Electric space heater (medium)

900 watts  Window unit AC, medium

900 watts  Coffee maker

800 watts  Range burner

750 watts  Gas furnace (for the blower)

600 watts  Electric space heater (low)

500 watts  Tiny-ass window unit AC

450 watts  Waterbed heater (avg. 10 hrs./day)

400 watts  Evaporative cooler

55-100 watts


1200 -7941 WATTS


100 watts  Floor or box fan (high speed)

98-156 watts  32" LCD television

91-236 watts  42" LCD television

90 watts  52" ceiling fan (high speed)

90 watts  17" CRT monitor

75 watts  48" ceiling fan (high speed)

70 watts  Xbox

60 watts  60-watt light bulb (incandescent)

57-160 watts  Refrigerator (average)

55-90 watts  19" CRT television

55 watts  36" ceiling fan (high speed)


7941 watts  Elec. furnace, 1000sf, warm climate

6,500 watts  Elec. furnace, 2000sf, cold climate

4400 watts  Clothes dryer (electric) Washing machine

3800 watts  Water heater (electric)

3600 watts  Dishwasher (washer heats water)

3500 watts  Central Air Conditioner (2.5 tons)

2000 watts  Electric oven, 350°F

1440 watts  Electric space heater (high)

1440 watts  Window unit AC, huge

1440 watts  Microwave oven or 4-slot Toaster

1200 watts  Dishwasher (dry cycle)

1178 watts  Electric oven, self-cleaning mode

150 - 350 watts


350 watts  Whole-house fan

325-425 watts  Fan only for central AC (no cooling)

210-322 watts  50-56" LCD television

200-700 watts  Refrigerator (compressor)

200 watts  Dishwasher (no water heating or drying)

194 watts  PS3

191-474 watts  50-56" Plasma television

188-464 watts  42" Plasma television

185 watts   Xbox 360

150-340 watts  Desktop Computer & 17" CRT monitor

150-206 watts   50-56" DLP television


The LionStar Portable Generator is ideal for emergency services, fire and medical search and rescue, natural disasters and war. We take a moment to salute all those working

in rescue services.

LionStar Generators produce

clean, quiet, and sustainable energy;

without the need to burn

fossil fuels.

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